8 Things That Will Make Millennials Happy At Work

Millennials… The “live life to the fullest, take on new challenges” generation…

As per statistics published on “TeamStage” 35% of the US workforce are millennials, and millennials will represent 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

Although their reputation remains controversial at times, this generation is the first to enter the professional world with such a profound understanding of the digital industry, offering the most ‘’up-to-date’’ and ‘’hyped” skills to companies in need of big innovative ideas in today’s thriving digital era. Millennials are considered the biggest job-hoppers ever known. But that doesn’t make them indecisive, narcissistic, or lazy, as some older generations assume — on the contrary. Out of all generations, Millennials surely are the ones who know what will make them smile. Here are the main factors that will make all Millennials happy at work.

1. Their work suits their personality

Unmistakably, every job requires a specific combination of personality traits.
Considering the number of personality tests that are available today (legit or not), it may be believed we should all have a “better” understanding of which path we should take.
Take for example the universally known personality test, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is used in a broad range of business-oriented settings.

However, having a better grasp on each aspect of your personality doesn’t lead to the official confirmation of which job to apply for straight away — if only it were that easy, right?
The only way to know realistically what is and what is not made for you is to try. There isn’t a type of job to match your personality exactly, but some roles will feel more natural to you than to others because you can put your strengths into action. Once millennials have the chance to make their unique characteristics shine, this is where they are the happiest.

2. Their work gives them opportunities for personal development

Yet, that’s not enough. Millennials find satisfaction once the company’s values align with theirs too. Once the alignment is found, they need constant personal development. This is what defines the Millennial mindset: once the job doesn’t offer any kind of personal benefit or growth, they are most likely to change jobs. Unlike other generations, they want to find something that personally makes sense to them, not simply following on from the academic degree they have. For instance, it is considered totally normal to open a coffee shop when you hold a bachelor’s degree in History. In other words, for them, self-fulfillment is absolutely essential. Trying, failing, testing different skills, going after your dreams and passions… It seems that, compared to previous generations, Millennials are much more attentive to their personal growth — which is very good to hear.

3. They have confidence & trust

It goes without saying that all employees want to feel self-confident in their work environment, and be able to trust themselves and their colleagues surrounding them. But there’s no guarantee. Evidently, if someone is placed in the wrong career position and industry, it is unlikely that he/she will have faith in themselves and be able to find satisfaction in their work. For Millennials, “safety” in the company they work in and “trust” sets in when the workplace environment becomes supportive and comfortable — which, usually, comes with their boss’s mindset and behaviors.

4. They have built valuable relationships

Research shows that the number one reason Millennials leave their job is because of their boss. Although for millennials, the definition of a “great boss” surely varies from other generations’ definitions. If a Millennial employee feels like their boss invested time in their personal growth, then chances are, he/she will not take the risk of losing such a blessing. When it’s the case, the Millennial, as a result, builds this important sense of trust with not only the company but all the employees inside it. Once the setting is comfortable, the colleagues become their “2nd family”: that’s what they fish for… That is to say, Millennials are essentially looking for mentorship rather than just a boss…and compassion! Who wouldn’t?

5. They keep on facing challenges and learning

Millennials are driven by challenges: this is how they learn. Throughout their lives, they’ve been constantly surrounded by rapid, expanding, and innovative technology — and, let’s put it this way, they would like the same for their careers. In fact, “100% of Millennials will stay in a company as long as they are learning. That’s the fundamental component.” says Becky Thomas, Next Generation Coach. While they face challenges and as a result learn from them, perhaps one thing that makes them more “exigent” is that they are seeking reinforcement.

6. They are part of a diverse workforce

The Millennials, also known as the most diverse generation in history, have a different definition of ‘Diversity’: they believe it is an essential asset to business success. A 2015 report by Deloitte perfectly interprets how Millennials accept traditional diversity, being it people of a different race, ethnicity, age, etc. But they also see the cognitive perspective of it — diversity essentially means individuals with different ideas, thoughts, mindsets, and skills. A diverse business doesn’t only mean people looking differently; it means thinking differently.

7. Their work doesn’t make them lose their entrepreneurial/innovative mindset

Known as the digital natives, they also have strong entrepreneurial mindsets. Growing up in an era where the resources are innumerable, made them the most efficient, critical thinkers the workplace has known. Fred Tuffile, director of Bentley’s Entrepreneurial Studies program, declares that “millennials are eager to make their own pathways because they suspect that the traditional ones could lead nowhere. (…) Millennials are realizing that starting a company, even if it crashes and burns, teaches them more in two years than sitting in a cubicle for 20 years”. Chances are, if a Millennial works in a corporation that isn’t open to innovative ideas, the experience will not satisfy him/her enough.

8. They have a good work/life balance

In spite of the fact of having a broad range of factors to define a Millennial’s professional happiness, the most essential characteristic remains — to have a superb work-life balance and well-being, which really matters to them. Obviously, Millennials are not the only ones valuing work-life balance, but for most of them, it means having the opportunity to work remotely: they believe flexibility will boost their efficiency and their job satisfaction.

Harder than ever for recruiters, millennials are ones that are difficult to satisfy. That being said, they have the ability to bring within them a new perception of what office life should be like and how relationships should be formed. They don’t only value work-life balance; they want to succeed, first and foremost.

Millennials are ambitious, educated, adventurous, and independent.
What they expect from their professional experiences is only normal for anyone who wants to feel good about themselves!



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